The Benefits

The Business Club will teach you the fundamentals of growing your business. Most owners learn skills at the school of hard knocks – but that is slow, painful and never covers the full curriculum.

Gain Business Skills

Take away a portfolio of business skills focused on your needs, without taking too much time out from running a business.

If you know that plugging your knowledge gaps would help you grow your business, grow your confidence and accelerate you to the next level then the Business Club is for you.

Gain Support

Build a trusted community of like-minded owners, expert trainers and inspirational speakers with tangible insights on the art of the possible.

Running a small business can be isolating and most other business groups focus on networking or cross-selling.

The Business Club is about sharing knowledge in a safe environment with non-competing businesses.

Get Inspired

If ‘Genius’ is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, why toil alone?

Inspiration comes from the meeting of minds and learning from different experiences.

Benefit from the collective knowledge across the club and get inspired by our expert trainers and speakers.

Your Commitment

Your Time

The Academy is 3 hours per month and the Breakfast Meeting is 1 hour per month.


You will only get out what you put in. So be prepared to share both your current business problems and your experience and insights from previous challenges you have resolved.

The Cost

Membership of the club costs £480 + VAT for the whole year. That is equivalent to just £40 per month – about the same as a good textbook and less than a coffee a day.

A Quick Introduction

Hear what some of our guests had to say about our taster session on “Business Plans”.